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  • Fanny Chapel

    Fanny Chapel

    Head of HR & Hospitality at Emerald. I truly believe that a company becomes the team it hires, not the plan it makes.

  • Armando Magalhães

    Armando Magalhães

    Armando is a Brazilian Software Engineer based in Amsterdam, currently working at Netflix as a Senior Software Engineer in EMEA. https://armand1m.dev

  • Sandeep Dinesh

    Sandeep Dinesh

  • Peter Trizuliak

    Peter Trizuliak

  • Gary Harrower

    Gary Harrower

    Senior Software Engineering Manager at Edinburgh Airport. I love making things, learning and sharing knowledge.

  • Kuroi Kyu

    Kuroi Kyu

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

  • Emily Gould

    Emily Gould

    Author, co-owner @emilybooks.

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