Movies and Series — April 2022

Movies and series I’ve watched during April 2022

Spider-man— Vigil — Licorice pizza

Spider-man — No way home (8/10)
The third of Holland’s spider-man movie is full of nostalgia from the 2000 franchise, with the last spider-man’s characters (main and villains) and full-blast references to the spider-verse. Good, simple and enjoyable (if you loved the previous 2000's movies).

Vigil S01 (7/10)
Interesting thriller on board of a UK nuclear submarine, where a detective tries to solve an strange dead of a crew member, while being isolated from the other police colleagues. Good series, but they put way too much time and effort on the main character personal life, that doesn’t add anything to the story.

Licorice pizza (6/10)
Easy going summer love teen movie about a young & smart wannabe actor boy, trying to succeed in life.

Piccard S02 (4/10)
Again, as happened in the first series, he is too old. Let him rest and enjoy his life, and let others tell Star Trek stories. When I say others, I don’t mean the rest of the Picard cast; they are all really bad.

Hanna S02 (4/10)
Watched the second season as it happens in Barcelona. Once they finished with the movie plot (S01), the series became boring and predictable.



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