Movies and Series — August 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during August 2020

Train to Busan (9/10)
Amazing zombie movie. Simple story, good cast.

L.A. Story (7/10)
A lovely story centred in 90’s LA. Lots of cameos and good easy jokes. It took me back to some of the movies of the time, like Airplane or all the Leslie Nielsen’s ones.

Tenet (6/10)
Not good enough. After all the marketing, a bit disappointed. Have some amazing scenes, and the idea was good.. but, not enough.

Palm springs (6/10)
An updated version of The Groundhound day. Fresh and funny, but not as good.

Draft 2014 (6/10)
An easy movie about the NFL draft. Has it’s good moments. Not recommended if you don’t like NFL.

Burnt (6/10)
A chef looking to get his 3rd Michelin star. Story not that interesting and food is left in a second place.

Space Force S01 (5/10)
Tries to be like The Office with embarrassing situations. Some good gems, but nothing to be remembered.

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