Movies and Series — August 2022

Movies and series I’ve watched during August 2022

Jordi Escudé Gòdia
2 min readSep 17, 2022
BlackBird — Lightyear — Ms. Marvel

BlackBird S01 (8/10)
An intense thriller about a young jailed man, and how he tries to get a confession from an alleged serial killer.

Lightyear (7/10)
A fantastic and emotive story about one of the toys in Toy Story. Easy to watch, easy to forget.

Ms. Marvel (6/10)
An OK story about another teenage Marvel superhero, who dreams to be Captain Marvel. It has its good moments. Has some awful ones too.

Grey Man (5/10)
An action movie about some CIA cover agents trying to kill each other.

Day Shift (4/10)
A movie about a Vampire killer who needs money to keep his family together. Things go out of hand.

The list S01 (3/10)
It feels like US Navy propaganda. Too many flashbacks to try to get to like the main character, but it’s just not likeable at all. The awful ending it’s just too unbearable.

Resident Evil S01–2022 (2/10)
When I finished it, I thought this was one of the worst things I had seen. A couple of days later, they canceled the series. It’s a shame, as it had a good introduction and it had some good universe and scenarios played down. But the acting and the story were just embarrassing