Movies and Series — December 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during December 2020

The Mandalorian S02 (9/10)
Hands down best thing of 2020. Way better than the new Star Wars trilogy. Again, the side story overpass the main one with a simple tale. It’s like an improved old Star Trek show.

The Newsroom S03 (8/10)
Good season for the end of a good series. I missed it when it was released, and I enjoy it every second.

The Outsider (8/10)
Good thriller story about a murder and the limits of what we believe.

The Undoing S01 (8/10)
Fantastic thriller. The series leave you in a Game of Thrones mood because you get too attached to the characters and the build up that creates doesn’t give you the big ending you desire. Still, recommended for the ride.

Star Trek TNG S01 (7/10)
Old series of the captain Jean-Luc and his crew on the Enterprise. Has some good episodes that could’ve been made movies out of them.

The Newsroom S02 (7/10)
A bit down from S01, as the main plot is about something that didn’t happen in reality (compared to S01)

Soul (6/10)
Pixar movie about dead and souls. Not as good as Inside Out.

Wonder Woman 1984 (3/10)
Went down from the first movie. Acting feels like out of place. Like cheap.

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