Movies and Series — February 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during February 2020

1917 (9/10)
Hands down, best movie nominated for the Oscars. The camera work is amazing. Story a bit bland compared to other contenders, but still traps you in a non-stop one and a half hour shot.

Any Given Sunday — Director's cut (9/10)
Didn’t remember how majestic this movie is. Has aged very well. If you love the NFL, you will definitely enjoy it.

LeMans 66. Ford vs Ferrari (6/10)
A long movie about Ford trying to get into LeMans, and win it. Some random (don’t know if real) facts are interesting.

Uncut Gems (6/10)
It may be Sandler’s best performance. He is always good in non-comedy roles. Very stressful movie. A couple of well-performed cameos on it.

Jojo Rabbit (5/10)
As I grew older, I realise I share the same opinion with Spielberg’s on movies about Nazis: can’t do a movie about the holocaust and mix it with humour. It doesn’t work for me.

21 bridges (4/10)
It has the money and cast, but the story is just a type B movie. An easy-trigger cop chasing a couple of cop murderers thieves.

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