Movies and Series — February 2021

Movies and series I’ve watched during February 2021

PG: Psycho Gore-man (7/10)
Funny and nostalgic gore movie. It will make you laugh, but be warned; it’s quite gory.

The Sopranos S05 (7/10)
Great ending for a great series. All season points to the downfall of an empire, and leaves you with that.

Homeland S08 (6/10)
Ending season for Homeland. It’s an ok seasons, with good moments, but it was time to close it down. A good way to say goodbye to all the characters. It has tension but it’s not high intense.

New Amsterdam S01 (5/10)
A hospital drama series. If focuses on the issues of the USA health system, from the eyes of a young new appointed medical director to a public hospital, who is too optimist for the role. The series have a good soundtrack, remembering a bit to House. The main characters and stories are boring and fake, but I get the series wants to get awareness on the social, LGTB+, racism and health problems in USA.

The little things (5/10)
Thriller about two detectives chasing a murder suspect. Denzel plays the old one, following up a cold case in LA.

Kong, Skull Island(4/10)
Another action movie about King Kong.

Payback (3/10)
Low budget action movie about treason and payback between some Slavic mafia in USA.

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