Movies and Series — February 2023

Movies and series I’ve watched during February 2023

Jordi Escudé Gòdia
2 min readMar 13, 2023
Wrexham — Cunk — Wednesday

Welcome to Wrexham (9/10)
Ryan and Bob did an amazing job telling the story of how they bought a football team in Wales and returned hope to the whole town of Wrexham.

Cunk of Earth S01 (7/10)
A comedy documentary about earth's history. Funny interviews with experts and asking them odd questions.

Wednesday S01 (7/10)
Wasn’t expecting this. It’s like an updated Harry Potter. Refreshing redo of the Adams Family with Wednesday as the main character.

The Lincoln Lawyer (6/10)
A lawyer inherits a firm with lots of cases. What feels like a lottery win, fast becomes a burden and traps him in some nasty situations

Mandy (5/10)
Good performance from Cage and some of the characters. The plot it’s alright, but the nonsense it’s too much.

Black Panther Wakanda forever (5/10)
It follows the previous Marvel universe but is not a good movie.

Plane (4/10)
An emergency plane landing on new years eve becomes a rescue mission for the captain and a prisoner