Movies and Series — January 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during January 2020

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Black Monday S1 (8/10)
Very well made series about the (fake) story behind the 1987 Wall Street stock market crash. The Soundtrack is the cherry on top of this jewel. A lot of 80’s references on a series that’s more eccentric than the Wolf of Wall Street.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (7/10)
Good ending for the tribute/revamp/remake of original trilogy. Entertaining enough to be an enjoyable movie. Adam is amazing in all of them.

His Dark Materials S1 (6/10)
Dark series about parallel worlds. Hoped for more. We will see if it gets cancelled like the movie.

Dracula 2019 (5/10)
A series you shouldn’t watch until completion. Amazing start with a big potential. Good cast, atmosphere, plot... The series feels fresh, interesting and traps you since the beginning. But in the 3rd episode, all goes down, throwing away all the good work. It will leave you with the GoT feels. Shame. Could’ve been a great series.

Terminator Dark Fate (4/10)
Not as bad as previous sequels. But totally unnecessary.

John Wick Chapter 2 (4/10)
Action movie with lots of fighting stunts. Gory version of Jackie Chan with a nonsense plot.

John Wick Chapter 3 (3/10)
The level of nonsense keeps on rising proportionally inverse with the quality of the movie. Keanu looks good with the stunts, but very bad when he talks.

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