Movies and Series — January 2022

Movies and series I’ve watched during January 2022

The Expanse — Ghostbusters — Eternals

The Expanse S06 (8/10)
Good season for the series. Shame as they haven’t renew it yet for another season. Still lots of stories to tell. Fantastic space battles and the steady introduction of the new characters.

Ghost-busters afterlife (7/10)
Only recommended to the ones who enjoyed growing up with the 80’s Ghostbusters movies. A good sequel, full of nostalgia that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel. A good tribute to to Harold.

Eternals (6/10)
Not as bad as I thought. I’ve read too many negative feedback before watching it. I can see why it caused some backslash and failed in cinemas (I mean, Covid helped). All previous Marvel movies sell you heroes. The Eternals aren’t “heroes”, and people expected them to be. There isn’t funny dialogues, constant humor and Easter eggs. It’s just a sad story that takes place in the Marvel universe. Not a bad one, not a good one either.

Dexter New Blood (4/10)
Didn’t enjoy it. Too forced. When it starts to get a bit interesting, ends. Disappointing, like the last seasons of the original series.

Matrix 4 (3/10)
Wrong in all levels; plot, acting, FX.. Keanu (not Neo) is embarrassing when he talks. Feels like a bad-trip-Friends-reunion.



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