Movies and Series — January 2023

Movies and series I’ve watched during January 2023

Jordi Escudé Gòdia
2 min readMar 13, 2023
RRR — Everything Everywhere — Glass onion

Everything Everywhere all at once (9/10)
I had to stop watching it the first time as it didn’t get me. Once I get back, I enjoyed it a lot. All characters deliver a fantastic story about a relationship between mom-daughter, and wife-husband. Top-tier movie and deserves all the praise that it got.

RRR (8/10)
A wonderful Indian movie about friendship, rivalry, and good musical moments. It can feel like too much or a joke, but it makes you enjoy those moments.

Glass onion (6/10)
The second part of the series. The story is not as interesting this time, but the characters are as annoying as in the first movie.

The Menu (6/10)
Interesting setup about the last meal of an eccentric chef, with curated customers. Not good enough to keep it interesting.

Treason S01 (4/10)
A simple series about some double agent in the MI6, that collaborates with Russian intelligence. The plot is full of nonsense and holes.

Sonic 2 (3/10)
Worse than the first one, and that’s hard to achieve.