Movies and Series — July 2021

Movies and series I’ve watched during July 2021

Mare of Eastwood— Oxygen — Luca

Mare of Eastwood S01 (8/10)
A detective investigating a murder of a young woman, and how this is impacting the lives of everyone in a small town. How Broad church should’ve been, but failed. Kate is impressive.

Oxygen (7/10)
Futuristic indie film about a person waking up inside a medical pod and can’t escape or remember who she is. She tries to get help via Internet or calling 911. Simple, interesting and a bit claustrophobic.

Luca (6/10)
Beautiful and simple story from Pixar about an Italian sea town and their mermaid neighbors, and how they become friends.

Black Widow (5/10)
Easy to watch spin-off about Scarlet’s MCU character. Action and jokes. It makes you company.

Space Jam (3/10)
It tries to appeal to the millennial audience with lots of references to the Warner Bros Universe (Matrix, Harry Potter, GoT, even Rick and Morty..), but the movie plot and acting is for kids. So no one will end up enjoying it.



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