Movies and Series —June & July 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during June & July 2020

The Wrenched (7/10)
Feels like the 80’s teenage terror movie genre. Well made and good acting.

The king of Staten Island (7/10)
A simple drama story about a 25-year-old man living in Staten Island with his mother. Excellent performances.

Still Game S01 (6/10)
Nice to watch humour series about a couple of old pensioners living outside Glasgow. Quite old, but recommended if you have an ear for the Scottish culture, and accent!

Overlord (6/10)
Casual 2nd World War paratroopers movie that becomes a terror movie after the first hour.

She-Ra S01 (6/10)
A reboot of the She-ra animation series with a fresh woke air. Feels like the Avatar series. A recommended way to introduce young people to animated Tv series.

The Old Guard (4/10)
Easy action movie. You can see from miles what is going to happen.

Killing Eve S03 (3/10)
They should’ve killed Eve or the series in season 2 and save us from the suffering. Awful. It was only interesting to me at some point because she goes to Barcelona and she speaks Catalan. The rest, pure random events tied together to milk a dying series.

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