Movies and Series — March 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during March 2020

Knives Out (7/10)
Entertaining murder mystery movie full of good actors. A bit foreseeable.

The Rookie S1 (6/10)
A Police theme series. Like Pacific Blue, starting a policeman changing his life at his mid 40’s. It makes you company.

Avenue 5 (6/10)
Comedy about a space cruise around the Solar System where something goes wrong. Could’ve been more jokes with the potential in the cast.

Picard S1(6/10)
A tribute of the Jean-Luc Star Trek saga. Simple story with a higher budget compared to Discovery. Also, less entertaining. He is definitely too old for the role and you can feel it at all times with his interpretation.

Altered Carbon S2 (5/10)
A less charismatic main character for the season. Doesn’t get even close to S1. Boring plot in a world full of possibilities. Tries to put a drama that doesn’t fit, gets even embarrassing. Shame.

Sonic: The Hedgehog (4/10)
A bad movie with a couple of video-game characters in it. While Detective Pikachu was targeted to people who played and enjoyed the Pokemon series games (AKA millennials), this one is targeted to kids. Not even Jim Carrey saves it.

Spencer Confidential (4/10)
Easy action movie, makes company. Totally forgettable.

Birds of Prey (3/10)
Female John Wick. The movie has a budget for actors and choreographed fight scenes, but not for writers. Lame, cheap and boring story.

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