Movies and Series — March 2022

Movies and series I’ve watched during March 2022

Batman — Adam project — Benghazi

The Batman 2022 (9/10)
A good and enjoyable new batman movie. Good acting and amazing atmosphere to follow Pattinson becoming the new Batman.

The Adam Project (6/10)
Easy to watch action comedy with Reynolds, about time travel and meeting his past self. It has some good jokes and touching moments.

13 hours: the secret soldiers of Benghazi (6/10)
Action movie about the assault of the US embassy in Benghazi. A bit too long for my taste.

Lone survivor (5/10)
Action movie about a seal team that got stranded in enemy territory. Too much fake action scenes to be good.

Act of Valor (4/10)
The acting is so forced and bad, that looks like an 90’s porn movie. The way they talk, the way they move.. The only thing left is for a jazz music in the background and the characters to start to undress.



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