Movies and Series — May 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during May 2020

After life S02 (9/10)
Kept it up from S01. Stunning dark drama about suicide after the loss of your love live to cancer, with some humor on it. Amazing Gervais.

The Rookie S02 (6/10)
Down from S01. Easy watch show. Every episode turns into a too much to believe life or dead situation. Main character lost a lot of weight from S01.

House M.D. S03 — S06 (7/10)
Up a notch from previous seasons with more character development, goes beyond a simple end to end case.

Westworld S03 (4/10)
Very promising start, and went down from there. Heroes situation. They had one of the best first seasons ever and they waste it. What a shame

Extraction (3/10)
Action movie full of nonsense. Can’t believe they are talking to do another one.

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