Movies and Series — May 2022

Movies and series I’ve watched during May 2022

Jordi Escudé Gòdia
2 min readJul 4, 2022
We own this city — Succession — How to with John Wilson

We own this city S01 (9/10)
The Wire, 20 years after. Based on real events. The series follows the investigation about corruption and abuse of power within the Baltimore Police Department. Portraits some nasty truths behind the law enforcement limitations against their war on drugs.

Succession S03 (8/10)
The Roy’s family is back to destroy themselves with the desire to control their father’s company.

How to with John Wilson S02 (7/10)
Second season of a documentary series about funny facts from New York city, and exploring some of their “interesting” citizens.

Winning Time S01 (7/10)
The story of how the Lakers dynasty was born. Throws a couple of real facts to make it feel like a real story, but the players and coaches that is based on said publicly that didn’t happen like this. Still enjoyable.

The Ozark S04 (6/10)
Doesn’t improve from previous season, but at leat closes the stories of some of the characters involved. Feels like a goodbye, and it’s ok.

Our flag means death S01 (6/10)
A comedy & love story about the famous pirates Blackbeard and Gentleman pirate. Simple and easy humour, coming from the characters, rather than their actions or dialogues.

The Northmen (5/10)
A simple story about Vikings. Feels more real than any other depiction of their society and behaviour, but still not interesting enough.

Red (5/10)
Another Disney Studios animated movie about a Korean teenage girl that transforms into a red panda. Not for kids, not for adults.

Halo S01 (4/10)
It’s a video-game adaptation. Cool universe, with aliens and enhanced super soldiers. Bad and boring characters, same as the story. I guess they invested all the money in CGI and forget about casting/writers.