Movies and Series — November 2021

Movies and series I’ve watched during November 2021

How To With John Wilson S01 (8/10)
A curious humor and dramatic series about some random facts about the people of New York. It feels like Borat, but it doesn’t feel forced. The jokes and situations are more fluid. The last episode it’s way more dramatic than expected.

Arcane S01 (6/10)
A well-made series based on the Lore of the League of Legends video game. Some characters development are too rushed for my liking; feels like the Anakin-Vader transformation into the dark side.

Red Notice 6/10
An entertaining humor-action movie about a couple of art thieves. Easy to watch, easy to forget.

Free Guy 5/10
Another movie about a video game. Also easy to watch, and easy to forget.



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