Movies and Series — October 2021

Movies and series I’ve watched during October 2021

The Many Saints of Newark — Star Trek Lower Deck — James Bond

The Many Saints of Newark (8/10)
An origin story for The Sopranos series. It’s good, entertaining and probably nonsense if you haven’t watched the series. Also, don’t thing it brings anything new to the story, but it’s good to watch the old gang getting together.

Star Trek Lower Decks S02 (7/10)
Improved from the first series. Lot’s of potential for a Star Trek animated spin off. Also, it’s canon.

James Bond — no time to die (6/10)
An OK ending for the Daniel Craig era. Have some good jokes on it. A decent goodbye with a boring plot and a nonexistent nemesis.

Ted Lasso S01 (6/10)
A good idea of a NFL coach brought to UK to train a mid-table Premiere League team. They portrait poorly the English culture. The series has it’s up’s and downs.

Ted Lasso S02 (5/10)
Goes down from season 1. Still nice to watch, makes you company and cry/laugh in some moments.

The Squid Game (5/10)
Macabre and sadistic series about people playing kids games for rich people entertainment. If they lose, they die. Same as Money Heist; it had potential, but it was poorly executed.

Billions S05 (5/10)
Last season I will watch from the show. Have lost all the charm it had.



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