Movies and Series — September 2021

Movies and series I’ve watched during September 2021

Dune — Billions — Star Wars visions

Dune — Part I (9/10)
It has been a long time since I enjoyed this much in the cinema. Visually and emotionally. Amazing adaptation of the book. Probably the best of ‘21.

Billions S04 (5/10)
Keeps dragging it’s feet away to something far from the original and unique first season.

Star Wars visions (3/10)
A hard-to-watch anime spin-offs based on the Star Wars universe. The quality of the work is good, but the script and plots are bad, boring or it’s just nonsense. Nothing to do with the other Star Wars series or movies. Also, every episode has the sentence “I have a bad feeling about this” on them, seems forced.



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