Movies and Series — September and October 2022

Movies and series I’ve watched during September and October 2022

Jordi Escudé Gòdia
2 min readNov 12, 2022
Lower Decks — House of Dragon — Shehulk

Star Trek: Lower Decks S04 (8/10)
Amazing as always. A perfect treat for Star Trek fans

GoT: House of the Dragon (8/10)
Expected to be a bad-written spin-off after the disastrous ending of GoT. I was wrong. It’s fresh and keeps the interest from the beginning to the end. If it was a movie, the actor portraying King Viserys would’ve got a free Oscar

SheHulk S01 (7/10)
Another good series from Marvel, breaking all the walls with the audience. Its target is the Marvel incel community, but not as an audience; they are the main focus of the jokes

Rings of Power S01 (6/10)
A story based on some of the characters and events Tolkien imagined. If you can go past that is not an adaptation from the books, it has its enjoyable moments

Bullet train (6/10)
An easy to watch action comedy inside a train in Japan. Full of interesting cameos. I guess because they were filming “The Lost City” movie nearby

Thor: Love and Thunder (5/10)
A low from Thor Ragnarok. Not good, not interesting. Probably the worst from the Marvel phase 4. I guess Thor is a bland character without interacting with the others

Star Wars — Tales of the Jedi (4/10)
Short episodes following some events with some Jedi. For a Star Wars/Disney animated series could’ve AND should’ve been better. Feels like a fan-made work, and not a good one

Manifest S01 (3/10)
A plane disappears and comes back 5 years later. A bad combination of actors and plot makes it unbearable. The level of nonsense gets worse with each episode. It has more seasons, wish everyone good luck if they choose to keep watching it