Movies and Series — September, October & November 2020

Movies and series I’ve watched during September, October & November 2020

Alien 1979 (9/10)
Watched full for the first time in HD. Amazing in all senses. Feels like miles away from Star Wars Episode IV. Performances and the atmosphere is astonishing.

The Newsroom S01 (9/10)
News drama series about how a newsroom reacts and reports on the main news stories from 2010's. From Deep water Horizon, Bin Laden’s death, to the Arab spring. The main characters are amazing.

Community S01, S02, S03, S04 (8/10)
Re-watched Community. Fresh, smart and fast jokes all around, filled with geek references in a group of misfits joining the worst Community College in the world.

Perry Mason S01 (7/10)
Easy watching show about the prequel of the famous lawyer. A detective-lawyer thriller with lot’s of drama.

Borat 2 (7/10)
The second embarrassment made art. Amazing performance of both main characters, making fun (while risking their lives, literally) of how awful is USA at the moment.

Community S05 (6/10)
Losing Chevy Chase and Donald Glover left the series marked for death.

Broadchurch S01 (6/10)
A drama series, that has too much drama. Turns the show from what it could been an interesting thriller to a soap opera.

Broadchurch S02 (4/10)
Didn’t need a season 2. Sometimes too much of something is just too much.

Guns akimbo (5/10)
Entertains and have some good gory jokes, but nothing else.

The Umbrella Academy S02 (4/10)
Again, if the best think to say of the series is the soundtrack, is that there is not a lot there. Having said this, the soundtrack is pretty good.

Get Duked (3/10)
What could’ve been a good idea, turns into an awful movie that tries to be funny and only preteens will find it that way. Good scenery from the Highlands though.

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